February 2020






Side hustle
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A collaborative research project in Perth compares the sustainability benefits of ground-source heat pump technology over conventional reverse-cycle air conditioning in a residential home setting. 
A brief history of AIRAH

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Throughout 2020 Ecolibrium will be regaling you with tales from the Institute’s storied history. In our first instalment we chart the important dates, momentous moments and major milestones.

Air apparent

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The Global Cooling Prize is addressing one of the pressure points of climate change by challenging the world’s innovators to build a more sustainable room air conditioner. Eight finalists have now been chosen, but as Mark Vender reveals, there may be many winners.

Change in carpark ventilation

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This paper discusses how complacent application of the “deemed-to-satisfy” (DTS) formulae for carpark ventilation can still result in failure of the performance requirements of NCC2019.

By Rob Lord, M.AIRAH, and Emily Smith