August and September 2020





Critical reforms in fire safety
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Have questions about the new fire protection accreditation scheme? AIRAH has been busy supporting the roll-out of the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS), elements of which are now mandatory in New South Wales. 
Chain of cools

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An India-led research project is racing to solve the COVID-19 vaccine delivery conundrum. Absolutely pivotal is a robust cold-chain system, writes Danny Chan.  

Chills that thrill 

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Meet the finalists from the Engineers Without Borders Chill Challenge. The seven teams have their own approach to off‑grid refrigeration prototypes.

Reimagining energy efficiency

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Award-winning US physicist Amory Lovins is calling for a radical rethink in how to better exploit energy savings, writes Danny Chan.

The game‑changers 

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Since AIRAH was founded in 1920, the HVAC&R world has shifted axis more than once. We pick out 10 of the most significant innovations, people and processes.

Double identity

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With experts predicting digital twin technology as the next frontier of construction management, a smart building in Sydney’s CBD is already putting the technology to use.

And then?

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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned life as we knew it upside‑down, both around the world and here in Australia. Although much of our nation has avoided the tragic health crisis we’ve seen unfold overseas, we face a new kind of normal in the weeks, months and possibly years ahead.

Designing a new condenser water system for an office building

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In the first of a series of case studies looking at the practical implications and ramifications for the rollout of the 2019 National Construction Code, we take a closer look at pumps.

By Grace Foo, M.AIRAH