September 2019






Capital investment
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With a plan to host more passengers on more aircraft from more destinations, the privately owned Canberra Airport commenced a major development program more than a decade ago. Today the airport’s award-winning facilities are helping to attract international carriers to Australia’s capital. 
Testing times

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The world-class testing facility at ActronAir HQ in Sydney’s Marsden Park is a game‑changer for the local AC manufacturer.

Fantastic voyage

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Just as science itself is a journey of discovery, so too was the design and construction of the University of New South Wales’ new Science and Engineering Building. As Sean McGowan reports, the facility offers multi‑disciplinary teaching and laboratory spaces that can adapt as research needs change in the future.

Heat pumps: application to aquatic centres

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As gas and electricity prices increase and technologies evolve, heat pumps are gaining increasing recognition as an option for reducing energy costs and shifting away from fossil gas and electricity to renewable electricity. This article is intended to be a general introduction to the potential for application of heat pumps in aquatic centres.

By Alan Pears