July 2019






Membership has its privileges
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Built over a two-year period, the new Parliament of Victoria Members’ Annexe solves a decades‑long office space problem that has impacted parliamentary members and their staff. Sean McGowan reports on the building’s considered design, which sees much of it sunken below ground level. 
Code camp

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The National Construction Code is a mighty tool for lifting the standard of our buildings and improving their energy efficiency. As Sean McGowan reports, the latest version sets out to do exactly that.

Heard mentality

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Despite being a vital design component of many building projects and fitouts, acoustics can be a mysterious subject for other stakeholders, including HVAC&R professionals. Sean McGowan unpacks some of the issues with Arup associate principal Dr Chris Field; Resonate Consultants chief executive officer Matthew Stead, Affil.AIRAH; and Palmer Acoustics principal Ross Palmer, M.AIRAH.

Principles of split mass flow and heat-shifting psychrometrics toward efficient comfort management

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This paper discusses the merits of split mass flow psychrometrics (SMFP) and cold cooling heat exchangers to disconnect the sensible and latent cooling processes.

By Peter Phillips, F. AIRAH