February 2019






Great thermal expectations
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In the quest for ever-more efficient HVAC systems, have we lost sight of the occupants’ needs? Associate Professor Yolande Strengers brings an ethnographic perspective to this important question. 
The (high) rise of residential 

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Across our capital cities, high-rise residential apartment buildings are going up in unprecedented numbers. But are they taking the sustainable design lead set by their commercial counterparts?

Flower power

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A team of students from the University of Wollongong showed the value of preparation, teamwork and belief when they took their Desert Rose House to the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East.

Cape crusader

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An innovative new housing development on Victoria’s Bass Coast is combining modern, sustainable residential architecture with liveability, social cohesion and ecological restoration. As Sean McGowan reports, The Cape at Cape Paterson hopes to be an agent for industry change.

Thermal bridging – calculations and impacts

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This paper presents an overview of methods for calculating the Total R-value (RT) of opaque constructions (e.g., walls, roofs and suspended floors), with specific consideration of thermal bridging due to penetration or compression of the insulation by metal frames and rails.

By Erica Kenna, M.AIRAH and Lynley Boland