December 2019






Small but mighty
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The installation of a small‑scale packaged centralised low-charge ammonia refrigeration system at a Queensland distribution centre is the culmination of almost three decades of development and field testing by an Australian company. 
A groundbreaking initiative 

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A major development in the western suburbs of Sydney features the largest residential geothermal installation in the southern hemisphere.

A new benchmark

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Gillies Hall at the Peninsula campus of Melbourne’s Monash University is a new student accommodation building. Constructed to the exacting Passivhaus standard using cross-laminated timber, the 150-room project earned its consultant team the 2019 AIRAH Award for Excellence in Sustainability.

The industrial ecologist

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Over the past three decades, Michael Bennett has been a champion of sustainability in Australia’s HVAC&R industry. He broke bread with Ecolibrium staff writer Mark Vender to reflect on the transformations in our sector – and the challenges ahead.

Improving pump efficiency: A combination of regulation and good design

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The first two sections of this paper summarise the major factors that influence pump efficiency in HVAC systems and how Australian and overseas regulations aim to improve these efficiencies. The third section of this paper explores how pump efficiency is impacted by variables such as shaft speed, system flow and pressure though the analysis of performance data from a range of centrifugal pump curves.

By James Spears, M.AIRAH