November 2018





Fair share
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Shane Holt wonders why federal and state equipment efficiency programs don’t share information supplied by the same industry players. Just this simple act, he says, would lower costs for everyone involved. 
Sector connector

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Phil Wilkinson, F.AIRAH, explains why we should apply the Project Drawdown methodology to HVAC&R.  

Design of the times

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Here’s Ecolibrium’s handy checklist for commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems, writes Airepure’s Jonathan Bunge, Affil.AIRAH.

The zero primer 

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What are the best strategies for buildings to achieve net zero emissions? Bruce Precious, M.AIRAH, talks us through them.

Big deal

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If you haven’t heard the term “big data” for a while, it might be a sign that it’s moved from the “next big thing” to business as usual.

Modelling constructions with phase-change materials in dynamic building simulation programs

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This technical paper explores the use of phase-change materials (PCM) in building constructions to add thermal mass in an otherwise thermally light building.

By Jørgen M. Schultz