July 2018





Higher learning
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Property prices, high-density residential development and a resurgence in inner-city living have combined to influence major changes in traditional school design. 
Chill-out sessions

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Over May 8–10 it was all systems go at Australia’s largest HVAC&R show. We trod the halls of the ICC and picked out our highlights.  

We are nature 

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Although related, the terms "biomimicry" and "biophilia" mean very different things. Sean McGowan explores the growing influence of biophilia in the built environment.

The unvarnished truth about ABW 

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What Australian occupants say about high-performance workplaces, by Dr Christhina Candido, Associate Professor Leena Thomas, Dr Fan Zhang, Dr Shamila Haddad and Associate Professor Martin Mackey.

Simulating the effect of a building fire on ventilation systems 

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This paper uses a case study for a single-storey building to demonstrate how such simulations were used to justify the omission of smoke and fire dampers from the ventilation system design.

By Ulf Johansson

HVAC that bounces back

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AIRAH’s inaugural Resilience Forum is set to run in Sydney on July 26 and will focus on how to design buildings for a rapidly changing world.