April 2018







 Bring it on!
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The Great HVAC&R Muster, A Celebration of Ventilation, The Air Fair, A Fridgie Fest, The Jamboree of AC. Whatever term you might use to describe ARBS, the most important thing is to venture forth and make the most of it. 
Right here, right now

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In recent times the outlook for Australian manufacturing has been one of pessimism. But as Sean McGowan discovered, when it comes to the HVAC&R sector, reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Kitchen exhaust filtration design (part two)

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Following on from our first article on kitchen exhaust filtration (Ecolibrium March 2018), this second part of the series analyses common filtration methods used for kitchen exhaust as supported by scientific analysis.

Word perfect

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The new Perth Library is the first major civic building to be constructed in the Western Australian capital since the city’s Concert Hall was built nearly 45 years ago. Part of the redeveloped Cathedral Square precinct, the library’s cylindrical form is as architecturally stunning as it is functional. 

Not so cool roofs 

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The dialogue in our industry around green, cool and energy-generating roofs has been elevated in recent years yet there are significant shortfalls in our industry knowledge and insufficient tools to fully understand how different roof types affect mechanical system performance. 

By Graham Carter, M.AIRAH, and Buyung Kosasih