October 2017





Army green
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Ecolibrium editor Matt Dillon recently had the chance to check in with US-based Katherine Hammack, a mechanical engineer appointed by President Obama to help bring sustainability to US defence operations. 
The antidote 

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The redevelopment and modernisation of CSL’s headquarters building in the Melbourne suburb of Parkville has resulted in a state-of-the-art facility befitting the company’s status as a global leader in specialty biotherapeutics. 

The datum declaration 

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Every year, more large data centres are being built around the country as our love affair with technology continues at break-neck speed. Ecolibrium explores data centre best practice.

Advances in CFD modelling for data centre optimisation 

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CFD modelling has become established practice for assessing and improving data centre performance, both in design and in operation. However, with increasing rack power densities and new cooling methods coming to market, CFD is now an essential component of the design development process, and is considered by many data centre owners as a pre-requisite for demonstrating design compliance for both normal operating conditions and various failure-mode scenarios. 

By Neil Silke, Data Centre CFD Pty Ltd and Warwick Stannus, M.AIRAH, A.G. Coombs 

Laying the red carpet - AIRAH Awards 2017

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The finalists have been announced for this year's AIRAH Awards, with an elite selection of the industry's top projects, products and individuals in contention.