May 2017





Drug therapy
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Accurate and consistent climate control is paramount in all pharmaceutical environments. This is especially so in a blow-fill-seal manufacturing facility such as that found in Melbourne’s outer east. 
Norman and Norman

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The work of renowned architect Norman Foster and his firm Foster + Partners, 200 Gray’s Inn Road in London was generations ahead of its time when built in 1990. Yet updating classic buildings to suit modern office requirements requires skilful consideration, as mechanical services firm Norman Disney and Young (NDY) discovered. 

It's an honour

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Nominations will soon open for the 2017 AIRAH Awards, which celebrate the HVAC&R industry’s outstanding achievements, individuals, and projects.

Avoiding the fall

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Although Australia’s HVAC industry is generally a high-performing one, fundamental errors in design and installation continue to occur for a variety of old and new buildings. Sean McGowan sits down with some of the industry’s leading practitioners to identify and avoid the pitfalls of commercial air conditioning.

A Calibrated Simulation Case Study for an Office Building in Canberra

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This paper presents a calibrated simulation case study for a building in Canberra. The purpose of the calibration is to develop a reliable model that is able to represent the practical characteristics and operation of the building. This calibrated model can then be used as a reliable baseline model to test HVAC upgrade measures.

By Hongsen Zhang, M.AIRAH and Paul Bannister, M.AIRAH