March 2017







The heart of the matter
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The Sydney home of ARBS has undergone a $1.5 billion transformation to position it as the Asia-Pacific region’s premier integrated convention, exhibition and entertainment precinct. Sean McGowan reports on the new International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney. 
Topical and tropical

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AIRAH has revised and republished application manual DA20 Humid Tropical Air Conditioning – 136 pages of detailed technical information and data on the challenges and solutions for air conditioning, cooling and comfort in a hot tropical environment. The manual provides the HVAC industry with hundreds of years of combined experience of the AIRAH review group members, all experts in their fields designing and installing air conditioning and cooling systems in the tropical north. 

Hardwired for health

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The workplace fitout of Medibank Place in Melbourne’s Docklands not only reflects the health ethos of Australia’s largest private health insurance provider, but actively promotes better physical and mental wellbeing among its staff. Sean McGowan reports on the role of HVAC in delivering a health-based working environment.

So we have done NABERS. Now what?

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In this paper, several initiatives are discussed that build on lessons learnt from NABERS and overseas experience.

By Dr Paul Bannister, M.AIRAH, FIEAUST MIPENZ 

The Women of AIRAH unite

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Established in late 2016 and recently ratified by the board, the Women of AIRAH (WOA) group are developing AIRAH’s strategy for supporting women and increasing their participation in both AIRAH and the HVAC&R industry.

AS 1668.2 – A chance to vent
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Ecolibrium caught up with Brett Fairweather, M.AIRAH, to get his take on latest changes to new Standards related to ventilation.