June 2017





Gold-standard healthcare
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The new $630 million, state-of-the-art Bendigo Hospital serving central Victoria is the state’s largest regional hospital development. Sean McGowan reports on the project built in Gold Rush territory. 
The patient imperative

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As the focus on many of Australia’s leading healthcare facilities turns to wellness and recovery, HVAC and mechanical services need to be carefully designed with patients foremost in mind. 

MADE in Ballarat

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The Eureka Uprising in 1854 – also known as the Eureka Stockade – is generally accepted as being a key moment in the development of Australian democracy and identity. The centre originally built in 1998 to celebrate the key events in our country’s narrative has been relifed and rejuvinated to better tell this important story. It has also been renamed: it’s now the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE).

The HFC phase-down – What are the solutions and how should the industry plan ahead? 

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The introduction of an HFC import quota as the mechanism for the HFC phase-down will impact the availability of high-GWP refrigerants over time. Solutions such as HFOs and natural refrigerants are readily available to support the market in its transition to low-GWP. Now is the time for the industry to prepare, familiarise and invest in staff training to lead the necessary change in our industry. 

By Graeme Dewerson, BSC, Affil.AIRAH