February 2017







Pushing the envelope
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An AIRAH Special Technical Group has brought overdue attention to residential building envelope integrity and air leakage. The impetus? A nationwide survey of newly constructed homes that found a large disparity in air tightness levels. 
Reservoir of hope

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Can a positive-net-energy home also be comfortable? In this case study of a suburban Melbourne home we find out the (possibly) surprising answer.

Police story

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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is charged with enforcing Commonwealth criminal law across the country, often leading to the investigation of serious and complex transnational crimes. As Sean McGowan reports, the AFP’s forensic capabilities have been enhanced by a new purpose-built Forensic Facility in Canberra.

Residential Building – Sustainability Rating Tools in Australia

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This paper examines current key residential rating tools relevant to the Australian context.

By Usha Iyer-Raniga, Trivess Moore and Kendra Wasiluk