August 2017





Safety in design
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Although the intent of workplace health and safety regulations are clear, the discharge of safety-in-design responsibilities is a complex area that is not widely understood across the Australian HVAC&R industry. 
100 per cent natural flavour

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While we often point to the evolution of the commercial building sector as proof of HVAC&R’s commitment to sustainability, the supermarket sector has every right to beat its chest too.  

Living laboratories program

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In a Living Laboratory all interested stakeholders – owner, suppliers, users, and researchers – can participate, collaborate, co-create and reflect on HVAC improvements and alternative solutions.

The X factor

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The ANU’s Xiaolin Wang, Stud.AIRAH, is the reigning winner of the AIRAH Research Student of the Year. She shares her journey from China to the nation’s capital.

An engineer’s guide to international fan test standards

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This paper aims to update the knowledge of the mechanical design engineer and mechanical contractor with regards to the current internationally standardised testing methods for fan performance and acoustics.

By Andrew Rossi, B.Eng. (Mech & Aero)

7 reasons to include women in your organisation 

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In the first of a regular series for Ecolibrium, Jenny Bailey opines on the importance of diversity and inclusion for firms in the HVAC&R industry.