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Q&A Dominic Lai, M.AIRAH
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Dominic Lai, M.AIRAH, one of the co-founders of consultancy Umow Lai, spoke to Ecolibrium about his eponymous business, which is this year celebrating its 25th anniversary.
Gold standard

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At first sight, one might expect Mirvac’s 200 George Street to be a jewellery box of environmentally sustainable bling. But don’t let its golden, curved façade fool you – this is a win for sensible yet innovative design and engineering.

Middle management

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As Australia’s premium and A-grade commercial office building stock continues to strive for greater energy efficiency, their mid-tier relatives lag a long way behind. Sean McGowan reports on the barriers to change in this space, and what our leading organisations are doing to disrupt the status quo.

Non-residential building environmental rating tools – A review of the Australian market

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This paper examines the most prevalent rating tools in the Australian market, summarising their application, method of rating, approximate costs and timing impacts. The tools are reviewed for their suitability for various project types and guidance is provided on selecting the most appropriate rating scheme.

By Ania Hampton, M.AIRAH, and Lauren Clay, M.AIRAH

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