October 2016







Virtuous reality
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Following the successful outcome of its first data centre in 2009, Virtus commissioned Norman Disney & Young to develop its second data centre, London2. It will come as no surprise that the company’s brief for its second data centre in Hayes presented a few tricky design parameters.
Out of the frying pan

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Commercial kitchen fires are an all too common occurrence in Australia. In 2014 alone, just five restaurant fires caused $30 million of damage – among them St Kilda’s iconic Stokehouse. Sean McGowan reports on the release of a new AIRAH technical bulletin that highlights the fire risks inherent in commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

Q&A Chris King, M.AIRAH

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The 2015 AIRAH Awards Future Leader winner Chris King, M.AIRAH, expertly combines his engineering and business know-how in his role as business development manager at software solutions firm Envizi. King, the 2015 winner of the AIRAH Future Leader Award, recently caught up for a chat with Ecolibrium.

Cooling the cloud

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Best practice in data centre HVAC design is constantly being challenged as IT equipment becomes more robust and tolerant to higher operating temperatures and humidity. Sean McGowan explores the issues with a panel of industry leaders.  

Dedicated to efficiency – 2016 ASHRAE Technology Award case studies

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The Anne-Marie Edward Science Building at John Abbott College in Montreal is a contemporary six-story building, located on an historic campus. Integration of sustainable design principles were key to the success of a LEED Gold certification. 

Nicolas Lemire, et al

Celebrate the good times     
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The finalists have been announced for this year’s AIRAH Awards, with a host of the industry’s top projects and individuals in contention.