November 2016







The Internet of Things
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Seemingly everything with an on and off button is now either connected to the internet, or soon will be. In fact, such is the speed at which devices are being connected that some forecast a whopping 100 billion devices will be connected worldwide by 2020.
Is it safe?

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Two new refrigeration safety and environmental standards have been adopted and published by Standards Australia. Vince Aherne, M.AIRAH, takes a first look at these new Australian Standards, which have both been adopted from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The art of smart

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We first saw the “smart” moniker applied to mobile phones, then to televisions and now to cars. But what does it mean in the built environment? Sean McGowan explores the issues with a panel of industry leaders.

Modelling the effect of climate change on economiser and night ventilation strategies in Australian cities

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This report analyses the type of construction that will be more suited to buildings in future years if an increase in energy use due climate change is to be reduced.

P Roach, M.AIRAH, et al