July 2016





The skin we’re in
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When done well, a high-performance façade can have as much bearing on the performance and comfort of a building as any other design element. So why aren’t they finding their way into every project? 

Energy evolution

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Energy is headed inexorably towards a different future – one that’s infinitely more digitally connected. With the technological landscape changing in front of us, Ecolibrium editor Matt Dillon caught up with clean energy expert Dr Paul Ebert from New Energy to discuss a report he has co-authored, The New Energy Future: the global transition, and what we can expect in Australia.

Fans of HVAC&R

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Australia’s HVAC&R community gathered recently at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to take part in the all-encompassing industry jamboree known as ARBS.

Creative problem solver

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Inga Doemland, M.AIRAH, is the reigning winner of AIRAH’s Student of the Year Award. 

The Bruck Building, Chanxing, China – a Passivhaus hotel in a sub-tropical climate

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The global trend towards ultra-high-performance building envelopes will have a significant impact in determining the future of HVAC design. The Passivhaus movement began in Germany in the early 1990s and has grown to become a leading standard in high-performance buildings across Europe and beyond, applicable to a wide range of sectors including residential, educational, commercial and leisure buildings.

David Ritter, M.AIRAH

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