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Q&A: Jessica Holz, M.AIRAH
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Ecolibrium breaks bread with the former AIRAH Future Leader, a senior ESD and mechanical engineer with Aurecon in Brisbane.

The teacher

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In the heart of the University of Melbourne’s historic Parkville campus stands the new Melbourne School of Design – a large-scale laboratory for built environment education and research. And as Sean McGowan reports, it has already proven to be a great teacher to many.


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Hit with a one-in-100-year storm, fire, flood or even civil unrest, how effectively would our buildings withstand the impact and then recover from adversity? This question is being seriously asked of and by industry leaders as we seek to build the capacity for recovery into our built environment. Sean McGowan speaks to those leading the charge. On our panel are Lend Lease senior sustainability consultant Darryl Stuckey; Arup’s Malin Lindblad, M.AIRAH; former GBCA COO Robin Mellon; grünconsulting principal consultant Clare Parry, M.AIRAH; A.G. Coombs strategic development director Bryon Price, M.AIRAH; and Atelier Ten’s Paul Stoller, M.AIRAH.

Sources of errors for indoor air CFD simulations (Part 1)

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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a powerful technique for estimating air motions within buildings; however, the accuracy of CFD simulations strongly depends on the appropriate setting of boundary conditions and numerical simulation parameters. This study summarises the factors affecting the indoor air flow simulation and demonstrates the effect of using simple settings upon the results.

Kemal Gungor, M.AIRAH

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