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South-East Melbourne magic
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A Coles in suburban Melbourne is the first supermarket in Australia to earn a Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

Q&A: Barbara Minor

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Employed by the US-based Chemours Company, leading engineer Barbara Minor has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to refrigerants. Recently making the trip down to Oz, she chatted with Ecolibrium about her keynote address at Refrigeration 2015, as well as the introduction of HFOs to Australia.

The next phase

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Understanding a substance’s “phase” or “state” change has been the cornerstone of refrigeration for more than 150 years. Yet recent technological advances have seen new materials developed that enhance this concept even further. Sean McGowan looks at the next phase of refrigeration.


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Atop the University of Technology Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology building is a micro-urban power station that provides students and researchers with a glimpse into the future of distributed renewable energy generation. Sean McGowan reports on what is achieved with the click of a button.

Antarctica - Empire of the Penguin

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Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is an immersive dark ride and penguin exhibit. 

The design team was tasked with several engineering challenges to make the exhibit ideal for the animals and enjoyable for the guests: Maintain animal health through temperature, air quality, filtration, and pressure relationships; moisture control; odour control; and energy efficiency.

William C. Weinaug Jr., P.E.

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