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 DA01 Centrifugal Pumps
 DA02 Noise Control
 DA03 Ductwork for Air Conditioning
 DA04 Air System Balancing – in HVAC
 DA05 Guide to Fire and Smoke Control in Buildings using AS 1668 Part 1
(from August 16, 2021)

 DA06 Guide to Fire, Smoke and Air Dampers using AS 1682 Parts 1 & 2
(from August 16, 2021)

 DA07 Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis in Buildings
 DA08 HVAC&R – An Introduction    
 DA09 Air Conditioning Load Estimation and Psychrometrics    
 DA11 Steam and Condensate
  DA12 Energy Efficiency in Cold Rooms    
 DA13 Fans    
  DA15 Air Filters and Cleaning Devices    
 DA16 Air Conditioning Water Piping
 DA17 Cooling Towers    
 DA18 Water Treatment
 DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance    
 DA20 Humid Tropical Air Conditioning    
 DA21 Ammonia Refrigeration    
 DA24 Hydronic System Balancing – in HVAC
 DA26 Indoor Air Quality    
 DA27 Building Commissioning    
 DA28 Building Management and Control Systems (BMCS)    
 DA29 Evaporative Air Cooling Systems    
 AIRAH Technical Handbook    


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