Scott Whitmore


Reimagining commissioning in a remote workplace

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rapid change in many industries, including construction, where workplaces are shifting to remote or hybrid environments. Every industry is quickly developing new tools to improve coordination and collaboration with one another, while minimising direct contact and reducing travel. Traditionally, building services commissioning has been heavily reliant on face-to-face contact between contractors, technicians, engineers, and certifiers. This presentation aims to explore the potential of commissioning building services remotely – the benefits and shortfalls, tools and examples.

About Scott Whitmore:
Scott began his career as a control systems engineer in mining and industrial automation, gaining a wealth of experience from technically complex projects. Since then, Scott has transferred from an engineering role into a commissioning and services management career. This includes the commissioning and integration management of critical infrastructure projects such as hospitals, data centres, rail, and laboratories, as well as commercial buildings and retail shopping centres. Scott has now begun a new journey as Building Services Manager with Multiplex Australia, giving him the opportunity to work on iconic Perth projects.