Panel session: Pain points of commissioning

This panel session will discuss and outline the pain points with the commissioning process in todays market and provide an overview of how we as an industry can overcome these to deliver better quality outcomes to the clients.


Bryce Anderson, M.AIRAH, Lifecycle Controls
Aaron Ballenger, Castlerock
Adam Gangi, Base Services Group
John Monahan, John Monahan Services

Chaired by:
Mark Jacobson, M.AIRAH, Flowtech National

Mark Jacobson, M.AIRAH
Bryce Anderson, M.AIRAH
Aaron Ballenger
Adam Gangi
John Monahan
About Mark Jacobson:
Mark has an extensive history within the building services industry and has spent more than 25 years focusing on the technical delivery of complex buildings and associated systems. Throughout his career, Mark has successfully held a number of challenging positions including Design Engineer, Commissioning/Maintenance Manager, Engineering Manager and National BIM Manager, before moving into his current role as a Services Commissioning & Integration Manager.  Mark’s experience and intimate knowledge in all facets of building services, from design to commissioning, operational validation and tuning, ensures a holistic approach when collaborating between the client, principal contractor, consultants, specialist sub-contractors and facility managers.

About Bryce Anderson:
Bryce Anderson is an independent Building Management System consultant at Lifecycle Controls. Based in Melbourne, Bryce provides BMS specialist consulting services for new construction projects and BMS upgrades.

About Aaron Ballenger:
Aaron is Castlerock’s Project Director, leading the Construction and Facilities Management team. Their core objectives are to achieve strong design outcomes that carry through to sound building construction and maintenance. In doing this, Aaron manages all technical responsibilities including assembling and guiding the various consultant teams.  
During his 13 years at Castlerock as Project Director, Aaron has successfully led the delivery of more than 30 new buildings and several fit-outs and refurbishments. 
Along with his experienced team, Aaron has worked tirelessly to produce state-of-the-art developments for tenants, communities, and investors.  
Aaron holds builder’s licences across all of Australia, and has two bachelor’s degrees – one in Civil Engineering and the other in Biological Science. Before joining Castlerock, Aaron also gained experience working with Messer Construction in the US. 
As a leader in Castlerock’s many properties developments, Aaron has also been responsible for implementing and maintaining a Federal Safety Commissioners (FSC) accredited safety system to ensure the highest safety ratings at Castlerock. 

About Adam Gangi: 
Adam is a trusted Senior Services and Commissioning Manager with more than 25 years’ experience. Using knowledge informed by the delivery of mid- to large-scale projects valued at $10 billion, Adam established ASE to help owners, project managers, consultants, builders, and trades improve and de-risk the delivery of critical services works on construction projects. 

Adam’s expertise, capabilities, and long-standing industry relationships have been instrumental to the successful delivery of a range of iconic developments across the Melbourne skyline. 

About John Monahan:
John’s experience in commercial property has been gained from two clearly defined career paths in the UK, Australia, and Malaysia. 

For 20 years John worked in the UK construction and building services industry, progressing from a trade qualification through various supervisory, design coordination, contract, and commissioning management roles, to managing the contracts department of a design and installation company. 

Since relocating to Australia in 1995, John has both directly managed, and managed services provided to various large retail and commercial properties and portfolios in both Australia and Malaysia.

With the knowledge and experience gained from both construction and ongoing asset management, John is able to manage the transition process from construction, commissioning and fit-outs through to business as usual operations.