Mark Dilchert


From commissioning to digital infrastructure with a single solution

Setting up the current infrastructure to support your immediate as well as long-term needs is important. But working towards a single ecosystem that incorporates the technology, support partners, data storage and resources often has perceived complexities as each vendor pushes their value in a siloed approach. Using a band-aid approach to fix any issues further segments this, adding cost, complexity, risk and lack of openness. This presentation will explore how to create a foundation of connectivity that secures assets, but also allows for a scalable way forward, drawing on Mark's experience of more than 10 years in the field of secure remote access and cyber infrastructure.


About Mark Dilchert:
Mark started his career in sales and marketing, working for a leading German specialised cable company. He went on to expand his knowledge on technical applications with industry standards like Profinet, BACnet, and other leading communication technologies. For the past six years, he has been solving client’s data and cyber security risks with technology that takes them into the future – using sustainable technology that allows headcount and external providers to co-exist.