Bryce Anderson, M.AIRAH

Lifecycle Controls
Building Management System commissioning – how can we free up more commissioning time?

Twenty years ago, practitioners were under similar time constraints as today to get control systems commissioned before handover. The difference was, in those days, handover dates were pushed back. Over the past 10 years, BMS commissioning timeframes have become shorter and shorter, to the point where commissioning phases are being compressed to zero days. 

It is not unusual to witness a BMS system on the same day that air and water balancing is being witnessed by the mechanical consultant – all valves overridden open, all dampers overridden open, and all the VSDs overridden to their design speed.     
Commercial offices are being built faster than ever before, without any significant changes to the processes for designing, installing and engineering control systems – even though everyone knows what is coming. 

Bryce will explore three concepts to free up extra BMS commissioning time:

  • What can BMS companies do on their own that is not reliant on the collaboration of other trades? 
  • What complex initiatives could be explored with the collaboration of multiple other stakeholders/trades?
  • What reasonable changes could be made to the requirements for practical completion that would be more appropriate considering the construction delivery model of modern buildings?


About Bryce Anderson:

Bryce Anderson is an independent Building Management System consultant at Lifecycle Controls. Based in Melbourne, Bryce provides BMS specialist consulting services for new construction projects and BMS upgrades.