Speaking at an AIRAH event

Presenting at an AIRAH conference or forum is a great opportunity to share ideas, findings, and research with the broader HVAC&R building services community. It allows you to connect with an engaged audience and can contribute to your continuing professional development.

This page details available opportunities, as well as information/guidance for speaking at an AIRAH event. For information on suggesting a topic or presenting an AIRAH webinar, visit airah.org.au/webinars

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AIRAH conference presentations

AIRAH conference presentations

AIRAH conference presentations

AIRAH’s 2023 opportunities

Our call for speakers has closed for AIRAH's 2023 conferences and forums. Thank you to everyone that submitted a presentation idea!

Stay tuned for information on our programs and speakers. If you require more information or assistance, please email [email protected]

AIRAH's Indoor Air Quality Conference

Indoor Air Quality Conference 2023
Monday, July 17 – Tuesday, July 18
Brisbane, Queensland

AIRAH's Future of HVAC

The Future of HVAC 2023
Wednesday, September 13 – Thursday, September 14
Melbourne, Victoria

AIRAH's Building Physics Forum

Building Physics Forum 2023
running in conjunction with The Future of HVAC 2023 (day one)
Wednesday, September 13
Melbourne, Victoria

AIRAH's Big Data and Analytics Forum

Big Data and Analytics Forum 2023
running in conjunction with The Future of HVAC 2023 (day two)
Thursday, September 14
Melbourne, Victoria


AIRAH is committed to growing and promoting diversity and inclusion in HVAC&R. This includes increased representation at our conferences and forums. If you are or if you know someone who would be a good candidate for speaking at one of our events, please email us at [email protected]

Speaking at an AIRAH event

This information will assist speakers and potential speakers in preparing and delivering their presentations at an AIRAH conference/forum. If you need help or require further information, please email [email protected]

AIRAH speaker manual and policy

AIRAH speaker manual and policy

This document details information on AIRAH’s presenter quality commitment statement, our speaker commercialism policy, presentation tips, what to expect at the conference/forum, and more.

Download the document

AIRAH speaker submission requirements

Submission requirements

Information on submitting an abstract/presentation overview will be available on the specific conference or forum webpage. Generally, submissions involve:

  • A 300-word abstract or presentation overview* submitted as a Word document
  • A 100-word condensed abstract or presentation overview submitted as a Word document
  • A 100-word biography submitted as a Word document
  • A high-resolution presenter photo

For more information, please view the specific conference/forum site.

*Abstracts are required for conferences where speakers are asked to submit a technical paper. Presentation overviews are submitted for other conferences/forums where this is not a requirement.

AIRAH presentations


By submitting an abstract or presentation overview, you are volunteering to deliver your presentation at the conference in-person. Exceptions may be made for speakers that do not reside in Australia.

The following are general guidelines regarding the preparation and delivery of presentations. For more details, please download the AIRAH speaker manual and policy.

  • All PowerPoint presentations must use the relevant conference/forum template. If not yet supplied, please email [email protected] for a copy.
  • Submit your PowerPoint presentation by the indicated deadline.
  • Your presentation should not have been presented at any other event, unless it contains new information and has been tailored for the audience.
  • Corporate speakers should introduce their company only briefly and should declare any conflicts of interests at the beginning of their presentation.
  • If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are no longer able to present at the conference, please notify us immediately.
  • If you wish to be put in touch with any of the other conference speakers to discuss the content of their presentation, please contact us.
  • Advise AIRAH of any AV, catering, or any other special requirements you have well-ahead of the conference.


  • You will be provided with information as to when to arrive at the venue. Generally, this will be in the meal break before your session. Please be on time.
  • On arrival, ask for the conference organiser. They will assist you and introduce you to the session chair and AV technician.
  • Bring a copy of your presentation on a USB. Any video or media files should be provided as separate files.
  • An AV technician will be available throughout the event to assist with pre-loading presentations onto AIRAH laptops before the session, and checking the formatting is correct.
  • Ahead of your session and during the meal break, speakers will be asked to test their presentations, the microphone, and the remote control.
  • Please ensure you do not exceed the time limit for your presentation. A five-minute warning bell will sound.
  • Group questions and answers will take place at the end of each presentation, unless otherwise stated.


  • We will provide registered event delegates with a PDF copy of your presentation and/or technical paper. If your presentation contains sensitive information, please let AIRAH know to arrange an edited version to be made available instead.


AIRAH technical papers

Technical papers

Please refer to the technical paper guidelines for further information and guidelines on writing a technical paper for an AIRAH conference. Adherence to these guidelines will assist the review process and increase the chances of your paper being accepted.

Subject to review, conference technical papers are eligible for publication in Ecolibrium.

AIRAH audio visual

Audio visual

The conference/forum venue will be equipped with the following:

  • Laptop (PC)
  • Remote mouse with laser pointer
  • Data projector
  • Lectern with microphone
  • Handheld microphone (if required)

If you require any additional or specific audio visual equipment, please contact us.

Other ways to get involved

For information on getting involved with an AIRAH conference/forum committee, please email [email protected]

AIRAH’s Special Technical Groups (STG) represent the major areas of the dynamic HVAC&R industry. A primary source of original research and personal perspectives from leading thinkers in our sector, they foster technical communities within their respective specialties.

AIRAH’s STGs are invested in advancing the skills of their members, keeping them updated on emerging trends. They offer opportunities for networking with colleagues, staying connected to peers, and negotiating the strategic challenges of today’s environment.

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