Dr Mark Dewsbury, M.AIRAH, The University of Tasmania

Dr Mark Dewsbury, M.AIRAH

The University of Tasmania

A hygrothermal purview from the hilltops


NCC 2022 has been approved and adoption occurred on May 1, 2023. But are we moving quickly enough, and do we understand where each of the balls in the court are going?

This presentation will explore aspects of ventilated subfloors, wall systems and unconditioned roof spaces. The section about subfloor spaces will include some recent forensic examinations, while the section on wall systems will include recent research for Victoria and Tasmania that covers the elusive vented and drained cavity, the vapour permeability of weather barriers, and the use of interior membranes. And what about low-pitch unconditioned roof spaces? Those too will be addressed in the presentation.

About Dr Mark Dewsbury

Since Dr Mark Dewsbury’s first meeting with representatives from the Tasmanian government, the Australian Building Codes Board and BRANZ in 2008, he has been actively pursuing concerns about moisture and mould in Australian buildings that have resulted from design decisions and building regulations, building occupant expectations, envelope systems, and energy-efficiency requirements. Recognising these trends in 2014, Mark was one of the first researchers in Australia to use non-transient simulation tools and, since 2017, transient simulation tools. This has included collaboration with the developers of the UK JPA software and the developers of the WUFI suite of tools, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics.