Jarrod Ross

Jarrod Ross

Surface Design

Alignment and coordination of thermal modelling and simulation


When assessing U-Values and R-Values, the choice of where to delineate a window, a wall or a spandrel can have an impact on the final whole-of-system values calculated to the NCC and AFRC protocols. If all framing and thermal bridging is factored in, it will not change the total thermal transmission through a building envelope, but it can result in substantial variation in whole-of-system U-Values and R-values for individual glazed and solid components.

This presentation looks at the crucial role of coordination between the architect, sustainability consultant, mechanical engineer and facade consultant in aligning the final detailed thermal calculations to that which was designed, simulated and specified. Improving industry knowledge and setting standards to thermal simulations can avoid the need for costly re-modelling. The presentation will also explore the variation in results for each component of a standard panel assessment by varying the locations of the split between the glazed and spandrel elements of a typical curtain wall panel to illustrate the potential variance in the results.

About Jarrod Ross

Jarrod is a facade engineer with Surface Design. He has experience working as a design engineer on a number of projects which have incorporated glazed curtain walls and floor to floor systems, glazed lobbies and entrances, metal and fibre-cement cladding systems, GRC, and brickwork.

He has experience in the thermal modelling of facade systems, condensation assessments, reflectivity studies, performance testing, weatherproofing design, and structural analysis of complex facade systems.