Daniel Jakobs, Pro Clima Australia

Daniel Jakobs

Pro Clima Australia

Low pitch roofing


We once thought the world was flat, we didn’t know what gravity was, and we had a fear of invisible boundaries.

We now know gravity exists, water flows downhill, and the world has an atmosphere plagued with water vapour.

With this newfound knowledge, this presentation explores how it is possible to drain water from a flat roof using the Newtonian forces of gravity, Pythagorean theories, and Fick’s law. Low pitch roofs can be problematic, but airtight, watertight hydrothermally managed highly insulted roofing is possible.

About Daniel Jakobs

Daniel Jakobs is a qualified master carpenter and construction engineer from Germany. With more than 20 years’ experience in high performance and ecological building, he is the Technical Sales Manager for pro clima in Australia and New Zealand.

With an in-depth knowledge of products and their performance characteristics, Daniel is able to develop pragmatic weatherproofing and airtightness solutions for any building type. He is also responsible for the practical knowledge transfer and training of builders and tradespeople in Australia and New Zealand, focusing on the pro clima product range but also teaching skills necessary for building structures to world leading Passive House standard. Daniel was instrumental in the construction of the pro clima HUB – Centre for Advanced Building Systems in Auckland, delivering a world-class facility.