James Cornell

Life Panels
Science behind overheating 

This presentation will demystify the science and terminology behind thermal mass and decrement delay, making it comprehensible to professionals and newcomers alike.

R value is the current method for people to connect to insulation, but it does not paint the whole picture of what makes efficient or effective insulation. This presentation will reveal overlooked aspects of R value. It will be accompanied by use of a spreadsheet tool, manipulated in real time to compare how various insulation materials work while showing the benefits of innovative building fabric solutions such as wood fibre.

Overheating control:

  • Thermal mass – Introducing the multifunctional roles of thermal mass and what makes it effective and efficient
  • Decrement delay - Working towards a more stable internal environment. Ultimately the goal is about saving energy and increasing health of the occupants.


About James Cornell:

James Cornell has been an industry expert on the topic of construction and sustainability for more than 20 years. As a licensed builder and master carpenter, James became increasingly interested in sustainable construction and the use of materials in creating a better way to build and, ultimately, live. Since moving to Australia in 2015, James’ focus shifted from construction towards education around sustainable building and, through his company Life Panels, he became the primary importer of woodfibre systems within the Australasian market. James is also a certified Passive House consultant. His mission: to educate on the incredible benefits and demystify the science behind Passive House building.