Allison Bailes

Allison A Bailes III, PhD

Energy Vanguard
Keynote address: A house needs to breathe... Or does it?

Building science expert Allison A Bailes III, PhD, will lay out the basic science of buildings. When it comes to how houses perform, professionals and homeowners alike believe many things that just aren’t true.

Allison will explode the myths, misinformation, and plain old nonsense that pervades the world of home building, remodelling, maintenance, and operation. But he won’t stop there. He’ll provide concrete advice on how to design, build, improve, and live in homes that are healthy, comfortable, energy efficient, and durable.

Whether you're speaking to an experienced professional, new worker, student, or someone who lives in a home, Allison has something for you. From indoor air quality to building enclosure control layers to heating and cooling to hot water, he will address the breadth of residential building science.

About Alison A Bailes III:
Allison A Bailes III, PhD, has been called “a well-known troublemaker” by his friend Joseph Lstiburek, PhD, PE. He writes the widely-read Energy Vanguard Blog, where he has been stirring up trouble since 2010. After earning a doctorate in physics from the University of Florida and doing time in academia, Allison found his calling in the field of building science.

Since 2001, he has done everything from building a high-performance home to serving as regional manager for the EarthCraft House green building program to spending countless hours in crawl spaces and attics, analysing and fixing homes. His company, Energy Vanguard, does consulting, training, and HVAC design for residential buildings.