Vince Wardill

Designing high-performance facades: spec the edge

The frame of a window (or glazing) has a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of any glazing system, be they windows, doors, etc., – including that of double-glazing itself. 

While double-glazing is seen as a benchmark for energy efficiency, to select double-glazing with a standard aluminium frame will only halfway achieve a high-performing energy-efficient window. This presentation will expand on this topic and explain how important glazing is in the building envelope, to make our built indoor environment more comfortable.

About Wardill:
The national business development manager for the Technoform Group, Wardill boasts more than 26 years’ experience in the building, construction and window industries. Previously, he has worked for companies including Ramset Fasteners, Architectural Window Systems, and CSR Hebel. He has also successfully run his own business, ESD Solution – consulting to the architecture and design industries, as well as multi-discipline engineers.

Wardill’s mission is to make every building in Australia energy-efficient through high-performance glazing solutions.