Samantha Anderson
Inhabit Group

Naturally ventilated apartments

Buildings are more energy-efficient and arguably more comfortable than they were in the past. But what people really want is self-regulating comfortable and hygienic homes, capable of looking after themselves.

Due to elements of modern society such as work and social commitments, people tend to spend more hours away from their home. A case study on the consequences of failing to open windows and remove moisture will be presented as a catalyst for discussion on why we need to change our approach to natural ventilation in apartments. Anderson will emphasise how the standard approach to “fresh air being supplied by awning windows” is flawed in modern society.

About Anderson:

Anderson is a senior building physics engineer who has a comprehensive understanding of building performance, facades and all properties of glass. She is passionate about delivering high-performance buildings, while at the same time achieving greater clarity in the industry about what a “high-performance” building represents, and how these buildings can impact occupant comfort. 

Anderson strives to change the perception that air conditioning is required to maintain comfort. She aims to help increase awareness on comfort being achieved through the building envelope alone.