Ruth Nordstrom

South Australia's first 10-star house

This presentation will provide an update on plans to build Adelaide’s first 10-star energy-efficient home. It will discuss how reductions in the carbon footprint are sought through a built envelope optimised to its highest performance, utilising building sciences to obtain better operational heating and cooling loads. Subsequently, it will also provide a “living system” that organically regulates itself against the extremes of the changing South Australian climate. 
The building architecture and envelope are optimised in this project for a high level of energy efficiency and thermal comfort. Occupants are less reliant on energy use, providing both a comfortable living environment and economic benefits. This benefits society and our environment as a whole. The project team will be monitoring the home to test this theory while it is on show.
With the house being used over the coming years as a tangible experience with which the community, students and construction industry can interact, it is hoped that conversations will surpass the team’s expectations. They will develop their design/construct process based on self-evaluations; the impact of construction; origin vs lifecycle; and the applicability of design detailing to public interest. 
About Nordstrom:
Nordstrom boasts design experience focused on human health, Living Buildings and sustainable design. Using expertise that encompasses compliance and an understanding of the close connections between architectural intent and building science, Nordstrom aims to better educate the industry and wider community about passive design principles.

A recent project is SUHO, Adelaide's first 10-star house, which benchmarks future-thinking technology and passive design. Acting as a centrepiece for an advocacy movement with industry partners, SUHO will help transition South Australia to better climate readiness.