Peter Raimondo

Window design basics: clear and simple

Raimondo provide an overview of the different types of windows (single, double and triple-paned) and framing (punched, window wall, curtain wall), and how they should work with proper detailing. In outlining all of the various options, he will touch on their relative capital cost differences in comparison to increased thermal performance and return on investment.

After discussing the technical aspects of window design, he will outline some:
  • Common myths and misconceptions that have developed as a result of complicated fixes to simple problems
  • Window components and assemblies that should no longer be used
  • Lessons learned through his extensive experience in the inspection of failed and leaky assemblies.
Finally, Raimondo will speak about different methods and technologies that are being used internationally.

About Raimondo:
Raimondo is a Canadian building science engineer from Toronto, who decided in November 2018 to escape the grey, -30°C winters and spread his knowledge of how to keep a building warm and dry to a new country. With more than half a decade of experience in the building science and leak forensic industries in a country where insulation, heat and ventilation are a matter of life and death, he knows how things should work and how things typically and atypically fail. As such, he knows how to ensure assemblies withstand extreme conditions such as storms, freeze/thaw and high wind.