Jon Davies

Externally insulated buildings

New Zealand has 900,000 stand-alone dwellings with either brick cladding or timber weatherboard, none of which has insulation in the walls; minor levels of insulation in the ceiling; and no effective control layers. Interventions are generally considered to be cost-prohibitive and involve the occupants vacating their dwellings.

External insulation is a relatively new concept in our construction methods, though it has been well researched and proven in North America. It can reduce thermal bridging, improve moisture management and speed up construction times across many building typologies in new construction. Davies will explain how we can learn from Canadian lessons that set the country on the pathway to develop a world-leading energy code.

In this presentation, Davies will outline existing proven systems; touch on Canadian research of materials and moisture; and discuss the early stages of research in New Zealand. 

About Davies:
A New Zealand-trained teacher, Davies traded in the profession, travelled to Europe and spent four years as a builder’s apprentice, working in building materials procurement for a merchant. He also worked with Pro Clima New Zealand for eight years.

His building envelope consultant role with Oculus is based in Auckland, supporting an industry that requires good-quality building materials – backed with solid building science – to make our buildings better for all of us.