Jason Gaekwad

Inhabit Group
Building health in a free market: teaching consumers to value quality
The National Construction Code (NCC) sets out minimum requirements for buildings to comply with the law. To date, however, the NCC has not appropriately addressed the health of building occupants – especially those relating to more technical building physics aspects. Furthermore, both construction industry professionals and end-consumers are unaware of the impacts small changes can make to a building occupant’s quality of life.

This presentation will propose a building health “quality check”, which can be conducted by a layperson without any specialised equipment. The intent is to educate the consumer and produce a push for quality building construction outcomes.

About Gaekwad:
Gaekwad is Inhabit’s regional manager of building physics and sustainability. Based in Melbourne, he is responsible for the quality, delivery and growth of Inhabit’s building physics and ESD practice in Australasia. He is also a PhD Candidate at Deakin University, conducting research into human connection with nature and biophilic design.

With broad exposure to a variety of specialist disciplines throughout his career, he approaches the built environment holistically. Rather than break it down into individual components for analysis, he sees it as a complex system. This has led to a passion for studying occupant experience and providing physical and psychological wellbeing.