James Spears, M.AIRAH

Will the new NCC air leakage testing requirements help improve the air tightness on new buildings?

Air leakage testing provisions have been introduced into Volumes One and Two of the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 as alternative verification methods for building envelope sealing. This presentation will summarise the reasoning and analysis behind why these changes were introduced, and then run though some of the various advantages and disadvantages of the new provisions in the context of how they are called up in the building code. The presentation will also cover how air leakage testing in the code is set to influence the industry and it will detail the likely outcomes. 

About Spears:
Spears is a principal consultant at DeltaQ. He has over seven years of experience in energy efficiency, building tuning and HVAC optimisation and has helped deliver over 60 energy audits for various commercial, retail and industrial sites. Previously, Spears worked at Energy Action, where he was involved in the technical analysis for the draft NCC 2019 section J provisions relating to pumps, fans, pipework and ductwork.