Ivi Sims, AM.AIRAH

Building Environmental Wellness Group

Heat removal of VOC

In building construction, bake-out is the use of heat to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as solvents remaining in paint, carpets, and other building materials after construction, to reduce annoying odours or improve indoor air quality. The building interior is heated to a much higher temperature than normal and kept at that temperature for an extended period of time to encourage such compounds to vaporise into the air, which is then vented (released to the atmosphere). The study of building bake-out has been established for more than 30 years. Sims will present an overview on how useful this technique can be to help expedite VOC from a building, but also the hazards of performing a bake-out and not expelling gases correctly. Sims will review two case studies from Townsville – one a new townhouse and the other an established townhouse where bake-outs were performed.