Keynote: Duane Jonlin

Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (USA)
Keynote address: Excuse me, your building is leaking

All new houses in Seattle have been tested for air leakage over the past decade, during which time air barrier testing has evolved from being a controversial new requirement to simply business as usual and a point of pride among builders. Jonlin’s keynote address will begin with a discussion of the role that air barriers play in eliminating problems such as moisture damage, mould growth, and homebuyer comfort complaints, accompanied by a few examples of things going wrong. He will then discuss how regulatory requirements can be most effectively implemented, with some possibilities for government assistance. Jonlin will conclude with advice for Australian builders from interviews with Seattle-area general contractors and air barrier testing firms based on their experiences getting started doing this work, along with their listing of the most common air leakage locations.

About Jonlin:
Jonlin is the Energy Code and Energy Conservation Advisor for Seattle’s Department of Construction and Inspections. For the past eight years, he has chaired the Technical Advisory Group developing the Washington State Energy Code for the State Building Code Council.  He has made appearances across the US as a featured speaker on issues of energy efficiency and energy regulations.

At the US federal level, Jonlin is a voting member of both the ASHRAE 90.1 Committee and the ICC Commercial Energy Code Committee. Before working at the City of Seattle, he was a principal at NBBJ and has 30 years’ experience designing complex projects as a technical architect. He was elected to the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows in 2016.