Ivi Sims, AM.AIRAH
Building Environmental Wellness Group

Build tight get it right

Sims will discuss case studies on building design and construction where building tight and not ventilating right caused sweating and condensation, leading to mould growth.

She will look at three projects with water-like droplets in the ceiling cavity and walls were formed from thermal break failure or tightness issues. This is evidence that some project leaders continue to make mistakes because of a lack of understanding of passive house design and ventilation strategy requirements.

Sims will also discuss how continuous monitoring plays a part in the analysis, and why this monitoring is such a supportive analytical tool to use in any project. Graphs and a report that supports the findings will be shared.

The presentation will provide a conclusion/resolution provided by experts and also dive into passive house ventilation systems such as ERV/HRV.

About Sims:
Sims has 22 years’ industry experience. In 2016, she became the founding member of the Indoor Air Quality Association’s Australian chapter. 

Sims is the Australian editor of the Healthy Indoor Magazine which deals with many indoor air quality situations, including mould and building science. She is also the past Victorian president for the Specialist Cleaning and Restoration Association (SCRP), 2013–2015. 

Sims currently sits on international committees that help to develop standards and promote the industry.