The journey to smart – Uplifting a property portfolio’s performance with investments in technologies, integration, and data

ISPT’s property portfolio spans a number of sectors including commercial, retail and industrial. The assets it owns and manages are as diverse in age and technical sophistication as they are in function. Embarking on a program to uplift properties through the implementation of smart technology in 2021, ISPT is now in the midst of deploying and developing solutions that support its key organisational goals. The ability to enhance existing buildings and extend their lifespan is a major component of achieving net zero outcomes, with technology enhancements being an essential part of the process.

This presentation will explore some of the key considerations in going from specialty to scale, the reality of progressively rolling out solutions across sites, the journey to data-driven decisions, and the integration of the program into business-as-usual operations.

Presenters Pete Swanson (Mott MacDonald) and Adam Reeman (ISPT) and will unpack how they went about addressing these and other challenges, sharing insights on how they are managing the process and the journey so far.

Pete Swanson, Mott McDonald

Pete Swanson, Affil.AIRAH

Mott MacDonald

With more than 20 years’ experience in consulting, contracting, technology manufacturing and property organisations, Pete Swanson brings a great breadth of knowledge in the design, deployment, and operation of technology within the built environment. Starting his career in the AV industry, he has led projects in the corporate, education, government, leisure, and entertainment sectors. He has also spent time developing software products and solutions to enable data acquisition and analysis from these systems to help clients improve user experience, operational performance, and sustainability outcomes.


Adam Reeman, ISPT

Adam Reeman

Reeman Consulting

Adam Reeman has worked with a diverse range of organisations in the role of consultant, client, and main contractor throughout Australia, Asia, and the United Kingdom, with more than 25 years’ experience in the construction and property industries. His sound understanding and working knowledge of all elements and parties to the commercial property life-cycle enable him to set realistic goals and expectations to drive and achieve the desired commercial and operational outcomes while effectively managing risk and stakeholders’ expectations. Adam is a highly motivated and results-orientated professional who can build, lead and manage multi-disciplinary teams and manage complex stakeholder engagement.