Stephen White, CSIRO

Stephen White, L.AIRAH


Scoping the digital innovation opportunity for energy productivity in non-residential buildings


Digitalisation is a key enabler for improving the energy performance of new and existing buildings. Digitalisation can be highly cost effective, and it is fundamental (in the longer term) for buildings to be able to provide demand flexibility in a way that supports Australia’s electricity transition.

Digitalisation can also provide an enabling tool for streamlining delivery of government energy productivity incentive schemes.

This presentation discusses the findings of a recent scoping study exploring the potential opportunity for government to help facilitate increased adoption of digitalisation, in Australia’s non-residential building stock, consistent with the findings of recent international roadmaps.

The material is informed by recent work including both the RACE for 2030 Flexible Demand and Industry 4.0 Scoping Studies, and the Data Clearing House (DCH) digital platform initiative in AIRAH’s Innovation Hub for Affordable Heating and Cooling (i-Hub).

About Stephen White

Dr Stephen White leads the energy efficiency research at CSIRO. He has more than 25 years’ experience in energy efficiency and electricity industry demand-side management. He is an operating agent for the International Energy Agency’s Annex 81 “Data-Driven Smart Buildings”. He is a member of the ARBS Hall of Fame, and recipient of AIRAH’s 2022 James Harrison Medal.