Rob Aldrich, Amazon

Rob Aldrich

Grosvenor Engineering Group

Sustainability simplified: Sustainable transformation expressed as a data problem

Real estate portfolio and facilities managers are facing new pressures to support sustainability transformations with reliable building data. In parallel they are finding it difficult to drive building and operational standards into the business to ensure the infrastructure deployed in buildings runs efficiently and effectively. This session will look at how leading building management and cloud solution providers are collaborating to deliver new solutions that enable data-driven transformations across the enterprise.

Given that sustainability is a global issue, these pressures are being experienced in all regions simultaneously. Regional operations, planning and design teams are currently leveraging different building design and management applications. To provide analytics services across this disparity of infrastructure and operations, new enterprise building management applications are being developed using a combination of BMS and cloud-native technologies. These new approaches are solving age-old problems by centralising energy, emissions, air quality, water and waste data using contemporary data standards at cloud scale. With the data centralised, data engineers and data managers can improve data quality and drive new analytics into both sustainability and real estate operations.

Taking this step sets a company apart and puts them on a credible path to support the changes required to support a lower carbon future. It will also future-proof them against emerging regulations. Finally, an organisation’s brand is significantly buoyed by showing its customers, shareholders and employees they are transforming how they do business in support of the greater good.

About Rob Aldrich

Rob is a globally recognised sustainability executive with a focus on sustainable buildings and operations. He has a background in operational technologies, information technologies, data centres, cloud and sustainability. A former Chief Sustainability Officer at Cisco and global sustainability leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS), his background is ideally suited to transforming how real estate is managed using data. He is a co-founder of Cisco EnergyWise, the lead architect for many enterprise class data centres and creator of AWS’s Sustainable Buildings and Operations offers. He is based in Sydney Australia and is the solutions lead for Grosvenor Engineering Group. He is currently focused on developing new Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for global real estate portfolio management.