Richard McElhinney, ConserveIt

Richard McElhinney

Conserve It

How the intersection of standardised and validated data models, big data and analytics will deliver better outcomes to achieve decarbonisation and net zero in our building stock


The promise of big data and analytics to help achieve energy efficiency in our buildings has recently begun to deliver on its promise. However, the mass adoption of these solutions and the ability of building owners and facility managers to drive outcomes and hold service providers to account has been hampered by their ability to enforce proper delivery of these services.

This presentation will explore the work Project Haystack is leading with a consortium of companies, funded by the USA Department of Energy, to deliver software technology that will allow all stakeholders to validate semantic data models delivered in buildings so that the key outcomes of decarbonisation and net-zero can be achieved.

About Richard McElhinney

Richard McElhinney is the Vice President of Technology at Conserve It, developers of PlantPRO, a central plant control and optimisation platform, and international product developers and distributors for IoT, building automation, smart services and big data and analytics. Richard has more than 25 years’ experience in product and solution development, having worked globally with leading companies in the smart building services space. Previously Chief Software Architect at ConserveIt and Software Development Manager for Airmaster Australia, Richard has held numerous roles where he has delivered new and innovative solutions to the market.

As a member of the open-source Project Haystack community since its inception, and then as a Director and co-Executive Director of, Richard has contributed to numerous aspects of the development of Project Haystack.