Paul Crothers, Bueno

Paul Crothers


Unlocking a new era of building safety and efficiency with smart building analytics technology


As analytics evolves, we can expect to see innovative applications extend beyond HVAC and into new domains of operational services within buildings. 

In this presentation, Paul Crothers will delve into the new developments in building analytics, showcasing how building owners and managers can quickly identify and respond to potential issues before they escalate. As a result, buildings can run more safely and optimally through savings in time and money for building owners, and for those who respond to buildings daily needs.

About Paul Crothers

Paul is an experienced executive with a 20-plus year history of working in building automation, energy and sustainability, information technology and digital services industries. He is skilled in business leadership and strategy, channel management and execution, business development, and marketing within corporate and start-up environments.

Paul’s role is Country Manager – Australia for leading smart building analytics specialist BUENO (Built Environment Optimisation). With a passion for building automation and sustainability, Paul very much enjoys working within an organisation that is centred around helping achieve net zero in the built environment, along with his personal ambition to create a more sustainable world for future generations.