Enhancing the value of data: When to – and when not to – deploy data ontologies



Rob Huntington, emeseye

Rob Huntington, M.AIRAH


Rob recently founded emeseye to meet the increasing demand for the role of the Master Systems Integrator (MSI). The role of the MSI is instrumental in driving the required integration outcomes of any project, and is typically geared around conducting ongoing workshops with all stakeholders who rely on an integrated communications network (ICN) for communications and integrated business planning (IBP) for visualisation.

Rob has extensive experience with all facets of an entire building’s digital ecosystem. This includes a thorough understanding of the interoperability of systems in a building (not just individual systems) and how they interact with one another. As the emergence of connected devices continues, Rob's experience and expertise extends beyond OT and into IT to support the active hardware and structured cabling that allows all connected devices to communicate securely and reliably in a building.



Sean Reed, Switch Automation

David Blanch


David is the Chief Technology Officer for Bitpool and leads a team of software developers, UI/UX designers and master system integrators. Bitpool aims to enable low-cost, simplified access to data, allowing users to create value from day one via a feature-rich visualisation, data storage and open API platform. The company’s mission is the democratisation of data by building products on open-source frameworks and communities that are driven by innovation and sharing.

David has specialised in building technology for the past 20 years, working across a vast array of different systems and platforms. Over the past 10 years he has specialised in large-scale open system integration, creating, and implementing technology into some of Australia’s most advanced projects to date, for high-profile clients. Over this time, he has advocated and implemented “Truly Open Systems ” through a solution- and value-based mindset with a product-agnostic approach.

He is passionate about shaping and exciting the next generation of technologists who enter our industry by sharing the knowledge he has acquired over his career.


Jon Clarke, Dexus

Jon Clarke, M.AIRAH


During the past 30 years, Jon has worked with automation, systems integration, energy management and building performance optimisation, taking him on an industry journey from analogue to digital systems. This includes the current trend in data-driven cloud IoT technologies.

Clarke owned and operated a systems integration company in London for many years. He has also spent 11 years consulting in Australia, working with global clients such as Google. Now he heads up the Dexus smart building technology team to deliver the next generation of cutting-edge digitally enabled buildings.


Michael Berger, Conserve It

Michael Berger

Conserve It

As the Head of Research & Development at Conserve It, Michael leads the R&D efforts to research, prototype and trial machine learning algorithms for analytics and real-time optimization of live equipment in the built environment, with applications ranging from innovative chiller plant optimization & predictive maintenance to advanced controls solutions. Having graduated with a Master of Engineering in France and with experiences in a leading research centre and in Environmentally Sustainable Design consultancy in Singapore prior to joining Conserve It in 2014, he relies on more than 10 years of experience in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Chiller Plant Optimization and Machine Learning.


Sean Reed, Switch Automation

Sean Reed, Affil.AIRAH

Switch Automation

Sean is the global director of smart building services for Switch Automation. He graduated from Kansas State University with a multi-disciplinary degree in Architectural Engineering, which he has used in previous roles as a design consultant and as a client-side delivery manager. Since joining Switch Automation, Sean has helped change the delivery structure from a site-by-site model to a scalable, portfolio model. He is passionate about using technology and data to solve problems and is dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions that holistically benefit property owners, operators, tenants, and the environment.