Jon Clarke, M.AIRAH
Tyrone Mawing
Brad Schultz, M.AIRAH
Chris Stamatis, Affil.AIRAH
Troy Wilson, Affil.AIRAH

PANEL: Key trends in analytics: Is HVAC&R keeping up with technology?

Where the industry has come from, what is happening today, and what the future holds in terms of big data and analytics.

Jonathan Clarke, M.AIRAH, Dexus

Tyrone Mawing, BUENO
Brad Schultz, M.AIRAH, Honeywell
Chris Stamatis, Affil.AIRAH, CopperTree Analytics
Troy Wilson, CIM Enviro

About Clarke:
Clarke has been in the controls and automation industry for over 30 years, and has spent many of those as a systems integrator and designer. He has consulted to major building portfolio owners and technology manufacturers, with a focus on integrated solutions. He is at the leading edge of data analytics and smart building technology. Clarke is currently head of smart building technology delivery at Dexus. 

About Mawing:
Mawing’s background is in industrial instrumentation and process control, gaining his knowledge and experience while working within the building services industries throughout the UK and Australia over the past decade. In 2017, he was tasked with constructing and leading the BUENO implementation team for the delivery of data analytics for the newly established Woolworths EMC.

About Schultz:
Schultz is a mechatronic engineer specialising in building automation and energy efficiency. He has previously worked in start-up technology businesses, renewable energy in Nepal and, for the last eight years, has worked at Honeywell Building Solutions in Brisbane. Currently his role is connected devices delivery manager, driving the adoption of analytics-driven maintenance into Honeywell’s customer base and driving the development of new capabilities within the organisation.

About Stamatis:
Stamatis is the director of CopperTree Analytics Australia. With 10 years’ experience in the HVAC industry, he has worked across multiple disciplines including mechanical design, building automation and service. This has helped him understand the inner workings of air conditioning systems and how to analyse them.

Stamatis is passionate about building analytics and is continually working with building owners, maintenance providers and consultants to improve how analytics is used in the industry.

About Wilson:
Wilson is the chief data scientist at CIM Enviro and a research fellow at Macquarie University. He has a PhD from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney, focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to autonomous systems. 
Wilson’s research interests include automated fault detection and verification; predictive optimisation; predictive maintenance; adaptive consumption; and measurement and verification. He is focused on applications which can be deployed cost-effectively at scale to achieve maximum impact.