Jason Harrison, M.AIRAH
Data-driven maintenance in HVAC systems – reducing costs and improving building operations 

Data and analytics alone doesn’t represent value. Action is value, and data-driven maintenance is a solution combining the power of all three.

The industry is seeing a transformation in the way maintenance is performed, using the power of data to improve building operations. By combining existing practices of applied knowledge with data analytics, traditional approaches are being cobined with the latest technologies. In contrast to traditional maintenance – where an asset or component is attended to on a scheduled-calendar basis – a data-driven approach provides maintenance to assets at the most cost-effective time.

Using sophisticated data analytics and corresponding platforms and processes can streamline maintenance and reactive service calls. And data-driven maintenance can identify the potential of an asset or component to fail. Analysis of the BMS’ platform offers insights into faults and inefficiencies. When put into practice, intelligent maintenance can reduce costs for a building owner, improve operations, and result in happier tenants. 

About Harrison:
Harrison commenced his HVAC career at Honeywell as a 17-year-old. Since then he has held a number of technical and corporate roles, culminating in his current role as NSW branch manager for Airmaster – a position he was appointed to in August 2016 at the age of just 26.

Harrison was named Best Young Achiever at the 2018 ARBS Industry Awards and earned the Young Energy Efficiency Professional award from the Energy Efficiency Council in 2017.